Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer Fun: Catching Lightning Bugs

On a walk one evening, with the lightning bugs out in force, Kev and I reminisced about catching them as kids. It was recycling night, so we grabbed a bottle out of a neighbor's bin, poked holes in the plastic lid, and mama went on a bug hunt. Mikro had a blast studying the fireflies, and hopefully will be a little less insectphobic for the experience... He tends to point and scream "A bug! A bug! Kill it! Get it out!" at the sight of anything with six or more legs... Dramarific.

We convinced him to release the prisoners by telling him they needed to go find their families. Now he wants to catch more.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Summer Fun, or, July So Far

First, Mikro discovered the joy of slinky:

We went to see our local fireworks on the 4th of July:

I managed to convince Mikro that sometimes pizza involves vegetables:

And we spent time at the park on the river:

Mikro has grown so much, even since the spring, in so many ways. He now is happy to walk barefoot in the grass (which is something I was never sure he'd enjoy, with his sensory issues). He's now confident about walking across the open bridge steps on the playground equipment. He does "balance beam" type walking, whereas before he never had an iota of balance. He played on the playground equipment with a hoarde of children of all different ages and didn't freak out and run away, or jump down, as soon as anyone came near him. And he's learned to use his legs when swinging. All since May. My little guy amazes me. And amuses me. He spent a good bit of time looking for dinosaur tracks, and declared success when he found some heavy machinery tire tread marks, LOL.

We had a picnic.

I tried to take a family photo...

Mikro played "beep your nose"...

We all looked for shapes in the clouds...

We looked at flowers...

We looked at art:

And watched the sunset:

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Intro Post

Just a clean blogging slate for posts about homeschooling.

The cast of characters:

Lunachele: That'd be me. The mom. Answers to weird old hippie.
Kev: The dad. Nonconformist computer geek, but maybe a little less weird than the wife.
Mikro: The boy. Born in the spring of 2003, learning and growing at home.