Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fleet Week 2012: Aboard the U.S.S. Wasp on Memorial Day

Early Monday Morning, Kev, Mikro and I went aboard the USS Wasp. Mikro sat in the cockpits of 3 helicopters, climbed all over 3 armored vehicles (including an Abrams tank) and handled weaponry that he looks far too gleeful for my taste holding... What is it about boys and guns?

My dad served in the Navy during the Korean War. A childhood neighbor was a combat medic in Vietnam who came home with horrible PTSD. I appreciate the service our men and women in uniform perform for our country, and the sacrifices of their comrades who will not make it home, but as a mom, I hope my kid is never called on to face the horrors of war...

Flight Deck:

Well Deck:

Displays on the Pier:

Undoubtedly the day's cutest ship's visitors:

Best Friend's Birthday

Happy Birthday, E! Mikro had a blast at your party, splashing around and playing ninjas!

All that fun wore Mikro out! He couldn't keep his eyes open on the way home!

Fleet Week 2012: Parade of Ships

Mikro and I watched the parade of military ships into New York Harbor for Fleet Week. (Sadly, we got there too late to see the Op Sail tall ships come in, though we did see a couple later, up near the Intrepid.) In addition to US Navy and Coast Guard vessels, there were military ships from Canada, Japan, Finland and Australia taking part. There were also helicopter and jet flybys, including the Navy's Blue Angels. Here are some of the ridiculous number of photos I took: