Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas at Our House

Mikro came downstairs on Christmas morning wearing his special Christmas Eve pajamas. He deigned to pose for a picture before the wrapping paper carnage began.

He asked for two things for Christmas. Santa brought him Candyland Castle Game (something I swore I would not get him because the request was prompted by the unfortunate addition of commercials to PBS Kids Sprout.) Santa also got credit for the one-kid trampoline with safety nets, which I had expressed reservations about, but ultimately accepted because it is a recommended therapy tool for sensory kids. Santa has a limited engagement at our house, because I do not want Mikro making up telephone book sized Christmas lists like someone I know used to, on the assumption that nobody has to pay for anything. I want him to understand and appreciate the generosity of friends and family members, so he knows most of his gifts come from us. To each his own, but that's how we do things here... So far, anyway.

The other thing he asked for was a sleeping bag. Can't tell from this photo, but it looks like an Indy car, and has his name embroidered onto it.

We read a very simple version of the Christmas story (and some other wintery books), and ended the night with my idea of something age appropriate to make the connection for Mikro- a birthday cake for Baby Jesus.

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