Friday, May 8, 2009

NYC Earth Fair at Grand Central Terminal

We met up with several homeschool friends at GCT's Earth Fair event, and had a great time. First, we traded in plastic water bottles for a water filtering reusable bottle and pledge to use fewer bottled waters. Then we made wishes at the wishing wall, writing down a wish on a colorful sheet of paper and inserting it into a honeycomb chamber in a recycled cardboard form. By the end of the day, patterns were emerging. Cool community collaborative art!

There was a lady dressed as Mother Nature, animal costumed performers, a guy wearing an Earth costume, and live music. South Street Seaport Museum brought marine critters in touch tanks for the kids to explore.

Mikro got to check out a Smart Car.

And add to a collage, draw an Earth Day tshirt design, and visit the incredibly cool Bio Bus, a science lab on wheels.

The Bio Bus crew collected a water sample from a puddle in the street, and showed the kids the interesting microrganisms swimming around in it. They also had a microscope outside which the kids could use to look at various organic materials like a feather and even a live wasp!

And there was face painting. Mikro has sensory issues, and has never been willing to give it a go. He first allowed a cat to be painted on his hand.

Then he got super brave and had his face done! That's a dinosaur, and Mikro's eye is the dino's eye. I'm so proud of him.

And he got a balloon animal-- of course, it's a dinosaur.

Then it was time to dash home so he could attend "Pirate School" at the local library, where "Billy Bones" issued him a Good Pirate Diploma. (Which I find particularly amusing, since, as a homeschooled kid, it's the only diploma he's ever likely to get!)

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