Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Homeschool Nature Class and Some Math

Homeschool Nature Class kicked off for the season with a splash. The kids first learned about fish anatomy, then went seining. It was cold and rainy, but that didn't dampen their enthusiasm.

Afterwards, Mikro collected acorns, which became math manipulatives for doing basic addition and subtraction, and which sparked a discussion of sets and venn diagrams (acorns, acorn caps, acorns with caps). He had huge fun with this. His usual found math manipulative is sugar packets at a restaurant. This week I gave him a little shaker with two number dice and a "+ or -" operations die, which, if I remember correctly, I got from Rainbow Resource.

He thinks it's a fun toy.

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jugglingpaynes said...

If only it had been a tiny bit warmer that day.

And drier!

Peace and Laughter,