Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Homeschool Stuff

We've been reading a lot of science...

Mikro also is totally obsessed with Science Songs, and now with the DVDs of They Might Be Giants' Here Comes Science and their math one, too (title just escapes me...)

And there's been math, especially graphs and charts. We are still working on place value. I am amazed no one ever explained it to me in a way that really made sense. I think Mikro can say differently. I bought these little cubes that connect like Legos from American Scientific Surplus. A set of 50 is $1.25, and they come in 5 sticks of 10, in five colors. They've been useful in the place value work we've done, and they also worked really well to show Mikro how a bar graph represents data.

He has started to draw and write on his own initiative. The other night at a restaurant with paper table covers, he drew a self portrait that evolved into a family portrait and even included our dearly departed pets. Months ago, I tried showing him how to use simple shapes to draw things, and he never seemed to be paying attention. Well, now he's drawing people: "A circle for the head, a big oval for the body, skinny rectangles for the arms and legs," says he, as he draws.

Yesterday, after a spectacularly stressful drive, he knew Kev and I were in foul moods. So he announced that he was going to make get well cards for us. He asked for spelling help, but wrote Kev a card that said "I hope you feel better," and me, I got: "Happy Better!"

Yep, that's true. Happy is better. It's good to be reminded of that, sometimes.

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