Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tuesday Science, and More

This week's science class introduced the kids to forensics-- using science to figure out how and why something happened.

First they gathered evidence and made evidence tags and an evidence log, detailing what they found, where they found it, and when. Then they assembled the evidence, which was scattered (foam) skeletal remains and shredded up paper. They got a basic skeletal anatomy lesson, and figured out from the pieced together document that the perpetrator's evil plan was to prevent them from learning about anatomy by breaking into Mad Science HQ and scattering the bones.

After class, we stayed at the library and enjoyed an eclectic selection of reading material:

I am so glad my son loves poetry, and that there are poets out there writing with kids, and especially little boys, in mind. Mikro has loved poems from toddlerhood (or maybe infancy, when I used to make up all sorts of silly rhyming songs to sing to him), and I hope he never stops.

Wednesday, we were supposed to go on a much looked forward to trip to the American Museum of Natural History for a Fieldtrip to the Moon, but I started getting sniffly at the library on Tuesday afternoon, and within a few hours, felt like I had been hit by a truck. So our journey to the moon was scrubbed, just as NASA's planned return has been. Sigh. Whatever I had was brutal, but fast moving, and I was happy to be healthy enough on Friday that I didn't have to disappoint Mikro again. We were able to see Strega Nona at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center with our homeschooling friends. And on the way home, I actually had my voice back enough that I was able to read two chapters of The Lightning Thief aloud during our train ride (in between looking for eagles on the ice covered river).

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