Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nature Nearby

We've had lots of visitors to the feeders. Finches galore, as well as the usual suspects. And I finally got a few photos of our camera shy blue jay. Not the greatest, since I shot through both the front door and screen door glass, but at least he didn't fly away the second I raised the camera... And one odd visitor-- I think (?) it's a piebald crow. We've seen him several times now.

Lots of color in the garden right now, and it desperately needs weeding as the morning glory and wild grape vines threaten to take over... but it is just too hot. Lots of milkweed this year. I'm hoping that means we'll get monarch butterflies... and maybe caterpillars... The butterfly bushes and trumpet flowers are doing well, too. Maybe we'll see hummingbirds again...

Amicus, our bearded dragon, is growing and shedding, and left us this particularly interesting gift:

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