Monday, June 25, 2012

More New Family Members

Because I am a complete sucker for a certain little boy's love of animals, which is as huge as my own, and because creepy, crawly and odd has grown on me since becoming the mom of a little boy, I have some more introductions to make:

First, there are Raez and Kulmi, two garden snails we abducted from a stucco wall at a train station:


And then we have Coney (whose full name is Coney Island Mermaid Parade Mercrab... we have a contest going here to see who can hang the longest and silliest name on a pet...), who is a hermit crab:





And last, but not least, we have David, a Goliath Hornworm (Mikro named him), who was originally intended to be a snack for Amicus, but grew on the boy (and me) until the thought of him being crunched up was too much to bear, and he got his own little plastic condo at Coyne's Crazy Critter Camp...


And here is Mikro sweet talking Amicus while she bathes--- rest assured, he is not telling her about David...


Trust me, she won't wither away to nothing for missing a treat. She is a big lizard! And Mikro has no great remorse about keeping her alive and growing on a menu of crickets and greens and fruits and veggies...


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