Monday, December 10, 2012

Education? Indoctrination? Virtual Lobotomization?

Have you seen this report on the horror movie version of a charter school, proposed in Massachusetts?

Kids silenced, taught hand gestures, forced into a life of utter servility and compliance, and the "educators" behind this have the nerve to posit that:

"every day brings ... the ...scholars one day closer to college and a more successful future – full of opportunity and the promise of independence."

Kids subjected to this wouldn't know what to do with opportunity and independence. How does being controlled like a puppet prepare one to be independent or think for one's self? Why not just offer lobotomies on acceptance to this sheep factory? It would certainly accomplish the same goal!

I have a keyword/tab on this blog entitled "Public Education is the Borg", but this is just orders of magnitude worse than the usual stuff that causes me to think that. Resistance is futile. You will be a good little robot. (Which causes me to wonder what they do with the kids who *do* resist? Work on 'em till they break? Um, this sounds like something that there would be a public outcry over if it were occurring at Guantanamo, but people are willing to sign up *their children* for this treatment? America, what happened to you?)


I hope this is some sort of twisted internet joke. Because if it is real, it is frightening. Unless it's all part of a government conspiracy to save money on the education budget by scaring parents into finding a way to homeschool and leave the system!


jugglingpaynes said...

Wow. Makes me think of the video for Pink Floyd's "The Wall".


Jessica said...

Yes, if this is treu then "the borg" is exactly what it is.So sad to see how childrens bright and brilliant individuality is being crushed.