Sunday, February 17, 2013

Meet Esmerelda

Today the Coyne clan added a new member. Meet sweet Esmerelda, a 3-4 month old Bearded Dragon. She has a brand new habitat to herself, though we hope when she is fully grown, she and sister Amicus will be able to be tank mates... That will depend on their personalities, though. Amicus is a pretty laid back lizard, and Esme is a sweetie. But whether either might be territorial is something we won't test while the size differential exists. Amicus is full grown, and Esme is tiny. So it'll be a while... Strangely enough, both lizards have one Y shaped marking on their otherwise striped tails.

Here's Ms. Esme:



Can you tell Mikro is thrilled?


Here's big ole Ami:


And this gives a hint of the size difference, though Esme is closer to the camera and appears somewhat larger than she really is... Esme fits in my hand, while Amicus is as long as my arm.


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