Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What Passes For Lunch Conversation In My House

Kev and I are talking about a new book club for grownups at our local library and Mikro sticks his nose in, wanting to be included.

Chele: It's not a question of reading level. You read on a high school/college level; that's not the issue.

Kev: I don't know whether the books would interest you enough to finish.

Chele: Or whether they would have adult themes that aren't really appropriate for children. Like sex, for example.

Mikro: Or the dreaded topic...

Chele: (Recalling past expressions of pre-teen disgust) Romance?

Mikro: Gah! I can tolerate the first, but not the second.

Kev: (Laughs)

Chele: Which just makes you typically male.

Kev: (Laughs more.)

Chele: He is your son!

Mikro: (Somewhat indignantly) Well, I didn't say I was personally interested in either [mom notes-- which is good, because he's only 10!], but sex is interesting because of the science. You know, the biology of sperm...

Chele: (Nearly choking on soup, laughing) Trying to eat here. Go take your biology of sperm into the kitchen. Begone!

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