Saturday, May 17, 2014

Owls Head Park and the Express Bus

Or... Mom never puts down the bloody camera...

Near the park...

brooklynrowhouses1 brooklynrowhouses2

foundowl frog

In the park. This was our first trip to Owls Head Park. Peaceful and pretty.

owlshead odinsravenmaybe columbine

columbine2 park1 park2

park3 park4 park5

park6 park7 park8

park9 park10 park11

park12 park13 park14

park15 park16

On the express bus to Manhattan, which dropped us a block from Tim Horton's and GCT...

expressbus cerberus expressbus4

paintflaking crapmarket expressbus2

expressbus3 expressbus5 refection1

strangeblooms tunnelvision tunnelvision2

tunnelvision3 twowaytraffic chocolatenirvana

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