Sunday, July 6, 2014

NYC Architectural Detail Wander: Part One: Lower East Side (Hester Street and nearby) (Summer)

One day when we were down on the Lower East Side, we decided to do a long walking tour of the neighborhood, and head down through Chinatown and the Financial District to meet up with Mikro's Dad at work. His office building has an outdoor park called "The Elevated Acre" and we ended the evening there, watching the boats on the river.

Here are some of the cool things we saw. Warning: This is a ridiculously photo heavy post... even after breaking it into several posts...

Part One: Lower East Side: Hester Street to Chinatown

chilledtothebonecloseup chilledtothebonefar

clothesline1 curlicues face1 face2

face3 face4 face5

face6 face7 face8

face9 face10 face11

face12 face13 face14

face15 face16 face17

face18 face19 face20

face21 face22 face23

face24 face25 face26

face27 face28 face29

face30 face31 face32

face33 face34 face35

face36 face37 face38

face39 face40 face41

faces1 faces2 faces3

fallout1 fan1fireescape1 seashell

semicircleroof statue thinbldg

urn urns vines1

vines2 waves waves2

wavy1 wavy2 wavy3

wavy4 windows1 windows2wroughtiron2

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