Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Architecture Class Week 4: Chanin Building, Chrysler Building, Grand Central Terminal

The Chanin Building is really beautiful. Unfortunately, I only got to take a few pictures before being informed that they do not appreciate photography. That's a shame, because they have some beautiful artwork that you would think they would want to share... The Chrysler Building allowed us to take all the photos we wanted to, as did Grand Central. Hence, Chanin is underrepresented here. We went back in with sketchpads and captured what we could, but it would take days to draw everything I wish I could show you!

Chanin1 chanin1chele Chanin2

chanin2chele chanin3 chanin4

chanin5 chanin6 chaninchele4

chryslerbldg chryslerbldg2 chryslerbldgmural

chryslerdetail1 chryslerdetail2 chryslerdetail3

chryslerdetail4 chryslerelevators chryslerentrance

chryslerinfo chryslermailboxes chryslermural2 chryslerrevolvingdoors

gctceiling gctchandelier gctclock

gctgroup gctguastavinoherringbonetilepattern gctguastavinotiledvaults

gctoysterbar gctpicnicevent

gctratlines gctwhisperingcorner

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