Monday, December 1, 2014

November Field Trips

Liberty: the Musical:

liberty0 liberty1

AMNH: Nature's Fury special exhibit, Spitzer Hall of Human Origins, and space and earth science related collections:

NF1 NF2 nf3

space1 earhsciscaleofuniverse1 earthsci1

epicenterlab1 planetarium1 salemolecule

scaleearth scaleeye scalegalaxy

scalehaydensphere scalehuman scalelight

scalemuseum scalenucleus scalepollen

scalesun space3 stars1

australopitecusafricanus australopithicus australopithicusafarensis

erectus habilis homoflorensis

neaderthalus neanderthalchild rudolfensis

sapiens spitzerhumanorigins spitzertreeoflife1

spitzertreeoflife2 spvsneandskulls trackway

turkana2 turkanaboy

Virtual Learning:

Mikro is too young to have his own Coursera account, but he hovers over my shoulder as I do courses such as AMNH's Evolution: A Course for Educators, University of Albertas's Dino 101: Dinosaur Paleobiology, and University of Illinois' Emergence of Life. All for free!


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