Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Incredible Oceans at AMNH

We went to the American Museum of Natural History for a special program on "Incredible Oceans", part of the Milstein Science Series. We heard marine biologists Tierny Thys and Christine Huffard talk about their research, met them at their display on deep ocean life (where Mikro asked questions and got to see how octopuses see their world), checked out the exploration stations with microscopic pond life, cool ocean specimens on display, skeletons, fish made transparent via an enzymatic process, etc. Mikro also got to sculpt a tardigrade.

He got to talk to Mark Siddall (parasitologist, genomic researcher and curator of the amazing new "Life at the Limits" exhibit) about pursuing his interest in evolutionary biology.

We heard music inspired by animal oddballs from Michael Hearst and his band. And there was a live animal encounter with zoologist Jarod Miller's cool creatures.

What a great event!

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