Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mythology Fair 2017

Mikro enjoyed participating in our homeschool group's second annual Mythology Fair. Kids do a presentation on a mythological topic of their choice, by whatever means they choose. Some do a standard oral report. Some do stop motion animation, make models and dioramas, do puppet shows, etc. Mikro did an oral report on Irish Mythology and the Book of invasions and told the story of Finn Macool and the Salmon of Knowledge. He also made comics of the stories of the Second Battle of Magh Tuireadh and Cuchulainn, the Hound of the Smith. (The drawings are his, and I acted as scribe for the text, to make sure it was legible enough for others to enjoy. My dysgraphic lefty still uses me as his secretary...)

Note: If you can't see the pictures, please make sure the URL in your browser is http, not https. My photos are linked from a non-google storage site.

Mikro's other obsession (besides mythology, paleontology, and history) is cartography, so he drew a map of Ireland which shows the territories held by different groups of "invaders." such as the Fomorians, Firbolg, etc.

Here are his comics:

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