Sunday, November 12, 2017

"I Am..." Poems

I think every teenager should learn to express him/herself in poetry. It saved my sanity more than once at that age... So I am trying to get the boy who would rather read about paleontology to write some... We are using the Poetry Friday Power Books for inspiration. Here are our attempts at "I am" poems:

Mikro's effort:

Today I am...
Someone who doesn't want to write a poem;
Someone who got up too early;
Someone who is going on a field trip;
Someone who will see my best friend;
Someone who will learn something new.

Chele's take:

Today I am...
Someone who got an hour's sleep;
Someone who needs coffee;
Someone whose feet hurt already;
Someone who will wander marble corridors for hours;
Someone who gets to see great art!

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