Sunday, February 3, 2008

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Lunar New Year Celebration

We spent the day at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens Lunar New Year Celebration today. BBG is one of my all time favorite places (dating back to school fieldtrips when I was a kid). Especially the Japanese Garden. Mikro loved watching the Koi and having a picnic overlooking the water. They had craft workshops for kids (and a Chinese Brushpainting class I really wanted to take, but gave up in favor of having dinner with one of my oldest dearest friends, who I consider family, but haven't seen in way too long. Mikro loved Vicky, and made her day by telling her he wanted to stay at her house forever. He had fun with her two boys, and he shamelessly hogged her attention. A great day!

At the BBG, we enjoyed the kid's programs and the live music and dance performances greatly. But Mikro's favorite part was probably wandering the beautiful Japanese garden... and he loves his lucky bamboo plant, which he potted himself.

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