Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"Not a Math Class"

Our homeschool group got together for a math fair. Everyone brought a game or book or math resource to share, and we talked and played together in the community room at a local library.

One of our awesome mama friends taught us Mancala and the Stones Game (and gave us all a set of blank stones to use). Eight year old Z taught the younger kids origami. There were some really cool games, especially 4 Way Countdown, which I must buy...

To play the stones game, you need 5 smooth pebbles (you can add more as kids get the hang of it). You draw a different image on each pebble. Our friend used simple geometric shapes on her set, but Mikro asked for astrological rocks... So his set has the following:

Saturn = 1 point; Sun = 2 points; Moon = 3 points; Star = 4 points and Earth = 5 points.

Basically, you cast the stones like runes, and you count up the total points for the ones that land picture side up. High score wins. (Of course, you could make it more complex by having multiple rounds...)

I brought my set of Dino Dice, which I got from Rainbow Resource, and made up a modified set of rules to include addition and subtraction concepts. Mikro is dinosaur-obsessed, so he loves Dino Dice.

We had lots of fun and got some new ideas for math. Afterwards, we hung out in the library, reading books with our friends.

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