Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nature Nearby and Library Day

After dropping off our paperwork at the school district, we spent the entire afternoon at the library.


Mikro's friend J came in around 4 pm, and they hugged and ran off together. Mikro read her a book about elves and fairies. When they closed the doors at 5:30, we headed out.

I got a text from Kev saying he was running for a train and wanted to be picked up because he was carrying stuff, so we elected not to go home, but to spend the next hour and a half at the park instead (since it's right next to the train station).

It got pretty windy, so there was no activity at the red tailed hawks' nest. They must have been hunkering down to keep their babies warm. Pretty sure there are chicks from the parents' behavior and from the noises coming from the nest... But nothing visible yet. While that was disappointing, there was still a lot to see:







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