Sunday, June 2, 2013

World Science Festival 2013

Mikro had a blast at the World Science Festival. Highlights were helping physicist Max Tegmark on stage at the What Is Time panel hosted by Alan Alda, the always cool Cool Jobs panel, high tech and robotics at Innovation Square, and the Science Street Fair, featuring the much loved Bio Bus and booths from many other museums and attractions.

Mikro's 15 minutes (if time is slowed down to about half speed at the black hole he "visited") comes at 43:58 to 50:13.

And here is the Cool Jobs panel:

Mikro wants to be an evolutionary biologist or paleontologist. He loves science, and I love being able to expose him to different disciplines, and now-grownup former science loving kids who made their dreams come true, which is just one of the many reasons we are faithful WSF attendees.

Check out some of the many videos on the WSF website, which include many Cool Jobs panels past.

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