Tuesday, May 28, 2013

LEGO Star Wars in Times Square


This is the most fun I have ever had in Times Square. My LEGO obsessed son had an absolute blast. Kev and I are original vintage Star Wars geeks, and we actually met because of my Darth Vader costume... So this was a fun day for our family! (All the many photos below can be clicked on to see them bigger.)

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The LEGO creations on display were life size. That includes the X-Wing Fighter, which you could actually sit in! There were also actors in costume interacting with the huge crowd.

boywdroids c3podetail chewie

chewiedetail crowd deathstarttrooper

deathstarttrooperwmikro f75dc8bb8549271d3b1d1cf7683bc284_o imperialnavyofficernmikro

There was a free Make-and-Take X-Wing fighter to build:

makentake1 makentake2

And there were Master Builder workshops, where the kids got to build anything they wanted while listening to building tips from Master Builders. Mikro signed up for one, and built a space ship of his own design. I wish we had been allowed to keep it, but we made sure to get a bunch of photos so Mikro can hopefully acquire the bricks he needs to build it again at home.

masterbuilder1 masterbuilder2 masterbuilder3

masterbuilder41 mikronvader1 mikronvader2

mikronyoda mikrounderxwing mikrowrebelpilot

playerpiano r2pilotmikro r4unit

vader vaderdetail vadermeetsvader1

vaderncoynes vaderwsaber

The X-Wing Fighter is the biggest LEGO structure ever built!

xwingoveral2l xwingrearoverall

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