Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Homeschool Update

Math: 3 and 4 digit addition and subtraction and 2 digit multiplication. Estimation, rounding, graphs. Teaching Textbooks on CD, Dreambox Math. English: Reading kid's versions of Shakespeare plays and a lot of poetry. Plot outlines, character development. History: Middle East, ancient and modern eras. Intro to Aztec, Mayan and Incan civilizations. Civics: Constitution, Bill of Rights, grassroots political action and protests. Science: mostly biology.

Some of the things we've been up to, in addition to the purely bookish and academic stuff:

Field trip with our homeschool group to the Map Room at the NYPL, and learning about georectification of maps in the library's collections using Map Warper software.

wlion liblionchalk

maproom1 maproomtreasures

Science classes resumed at SMLI. They've done soil surveys, wildlife scavenger hunts, owl pellet dissection and food chemistry. And I haven't taken a single photo, because I've been hanging out with the moms, enjoying good conversation with like minded folks, and lots of laughter. Socialization for me!

Field trip to The Firework Maker's Daughter at the New Victory Theater. A combination of opera and shadow puppetry that had Mikro absolutely engrossed. (No pix allowed during the performance, but I took some theater architectural detail shots before it started...)

yip502 theaterangel

theatercherubs theaterdomw theaterfacedetail

Traipsing around the city looking at public art and architectural details (and especially looking for mythological creatures and figures, which Mikro loves to do!)

goodbyelove2 goodbyemylove griffins

griffin1 griffin2 griffin3

angelichermes hermes1 hermes3

hermes4 hippocampi hippocampi1

pegasus dragons1

Crafty Kids class at our local library, and pottery class.

butterflymobile1 butterflymobile2

glazingmedusa glazingteapot

Lots of park days, nature walks and bird watching, and visits to our river.

atmotherslap cpplight wildgeesehohban

birdsings birdwbleedingheart

blackbird onthefence

leafmoth tinymoth

Climbing trees, playing ninjas, hide and seek, basketball, planting tomatoes, designing the evolutionary tree of various mythological and imaginary creatures, and rigorously classifying them. World building, storytelling, map making, drawing, reading till all hours on the Kindle.

This is what I think the real genius of homeschooling is: It balances life and learning and doesn't make them into separate spheres that only inconveniently intersect. Life is learning! And we love it!

noreadinggaphere yip501b

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