Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Grand Central Terminal Centennial Parade of Trains

trains0 trains01 trains2a

This is what we did on Mothers Day (we actually celebrated on Saturday, which I'll post about later...) We went into GCT expecting a light turnout due to the holiday, but the pace was jammed packed with rail fans.

Trains on display included: a NY Central RR FL-9 locomotive, Metro North 1962 ACMU, Metro North 605 Engine (retired diesel locomotive), Metro North M-8s (the future train cars on our commuter line), Metro North BL14 Engine, Tonawanda Valley 1928 NYCRR Pullman Observatiom/Sleeper Lounge Car), U.S. Railway Car Post Office (built in 1910 for Pennsylvania Railroad); Phoebe Snow (tavern & lounge car built in 1949 for Erie Lackawanna, repurposed as an inspection car by Metro North), NY Central Passenger Car, Hickory Creek (1947 NYCRR sleeper observation car), New York Central 43 (1947 lounge/business car), Wisconsin (1948 business car for St Paul & Pacific RR's Wisconsin train), NYCRR 448 (1947 business lounge car), Ohio River (1926 Pullman Sleeper/Observation Lounge), Kitchi Gammi Club (1923 Pullman sleeper car), Birken (1954 diner/lounge car). Babbling Brook (1949 observation lounge car), Dover Harbor (1923 Pullman baggage car), Tioga Pass (1959 business car), Overland Trail (1949 Pullman), Pacific Sanda (1950 sleeper car). Salisbury Beach (1954 Pullman Sleeper), Berlin (1956 sleeper), Cimmaron River (1948 Pullman Sleeper), Montanta ( 1947 businesss lounge car). There were also LEGO and model train displays.

Lots of pictures below...

trains20f trains20e trains4

trains4a trains9 trains1

trains14 trains3 trains5c

trains5 trains5b trains7

trains10 trains8 trains11

trains12 trains16 trains17

trains20g trains18 trains20a

trains20b trains20c trains20d

trains15 trains2 trains13

trainsghost trains19 train20

Can you tell Mikro had fun?


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