Monday, October 21, 2013

Brooklyn Museum Field Trip: Transformation in the Americas


We had a wonderful field trip to the Brooklyn Museum with our homeschool group. The topic was Transformation in the Americas, and the kids learned about composite figures, transformation and origin myths. Then they were given paper and pencils and asked to look at the artifacts in the gallery and draw some composite figures that they observed. This trip was just serendipitously perfectly aligned to Mikro's studies this semester in Comparative Religions, and the history of Precolumbian civilizations of the Americas. We had a wonderful time, and stayed to have lunch with friends out in the sculpture garden. Then Mikro and I went back into the museum to enjoy some of the other exhibits and see some of the pieces we rushed past during the group tour.

This is a house post which depicts Eagle Nose from a Northwest Coast origin myth.
group2 eaglenosehousepost

eaglenoseoriginstory houseposts

This mask portrays another creation story:

group4 mask1


masksntransform mask2

grouptour1 group3

The kids also learned about life and death in mesoamerican cultures.

lifendeath lifedeathfigure

venusface quetzalcoatlface

contemplating duality

lifedeathtrans1 lifedeathtrans2

Drawing in the galleries:

drawing1 drawing2

Composite figures:

crochybridfigure crov

birdman birdmanlabel

mochefoxrunnerjar foxlabel


Some of Mikro's favorite artifacts:


soulcatcher conchshell

flute whalemask

The sculpture garden outside was a nice place to have lunch before returning to the museum to wander the African galleries, the new exhibit on connecting cultures, and the modern and feminist art galleries. Mikro particularly liked Ms. Mutu's work, since he loves surrealism.


africanart africaneadwork2

africanart2 africaneadwork1


wmutuexh mutu2

watchingfilm mutu1

We met up with Kev for the ride home, and got to see the beautiful full moon together.

traingoofing fullmoon

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