Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Picky Eating Progress Post

Things Mikro has tried recently:


Verdict: "Not my favorite. Like Kiwi." (Mama looooves it! But wow, sticker shock!)

Papaya and Rambutan (which was quickly dubbed Hairy Alien Balls around here...):


Verdict: Re Papaya: "Yum, That's actually not bad. Good, even." (Mama concurs.) Re: Rambutan: "OK, it's sweet but it's too weird." (Mama thinks they're delicious when fresh, but sooo ridicuously expensive.)




Verdict: "Eeeeeeewwwww!!!!!" (Especially despised: the texture. He doesn't like it as a flavor in anything either, so not terribly surprising. I think the specimen we tried was a bit bitter, and will need to research how to pick a good one before giving this another go.

Miso Soup:


The verdict: "That's disgusting!" Mama most certainly does *not* agree. (I keep instant miso packets and a tiny emergency stove in the car as a survival thingee. Also water, matches and mylar blankets...)

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