Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Papermaking Workshop at the Library

Our library has the coolest programs for kids! Earlier this month, they got to make a piece of paper and collage onto it with tissue paper and methyl-cellulose glue. Their creations were amazing! Mikro made an oval sheet of paper, which we thought looked a bit like an egg. So his collage is a baby dragon emerging from the egg. His friend E is lobbying her parents for a pet bunny rabbit, so her collage features a bunny. And I thought the piece of oval paper I made looked like a fish bowl, so that's what I made.

Making the paper:

papermaking1 papermaking3 papermaking4

papermaking5 papermaking6 papermaking2

Our collage creations:

papermaking7 papermaking10

papermaking8 papermaking9


Leah Fine said...

Those are amazing projects, Chele! We took a Paper Making workshop at Wave Hill one year & made paper from scratch. We didn't do those cool art creations, though!

Chele said...

Thanks, Leah. These were super easy and fun to do. The hardest part may be finding the right glue, which I was told can be found at bigger art stores... It comes as powder that you add water to.