Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Random November Catch Up Post

Mikro in many moods. I include the Klingon/Grinch face lest anyone think he is always angelic.

apple CameraZOOM-20131109164903233 homeschoolrocks

drawsatdinerrs moodymikro

Fall color and the Hudson River:

autumnbridge tapworkbloggy firreboat

boatonhudson falltrees2 falltrees3

smokeonthewater falltrees4 littlebird falltrees5

We liked this cloud, because one way it looked like a fish, and another way it looks like a person.

fishcloud personcloud

Fog in the city, so thick that the Chrysler Building seemed to disappear:

fog1 foghideschryslerbldg1 foghideschryslerbldg2

gctnofogchrysler gcteagle

A small sampling from the Halloween window painting contest in our little village:

hallowindow1 hallowindow2 hallowindow3

hallowindow4 hallowindow5 hallowindow6 hallowindow7

Some recent sketches we did for Harmony Art Mom's Sketch Tuesday:

sketchtuesdaycoldchele sketchtuesdaycoldmikro sketchtuesmikrowhiskers

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