Sunday, February 16, 2014

January Catchup Post

What we were up to in January:

An amazing Broadway Playhouse show, celebrating Comden and Green. A wonderful gallery tour and art workshop on Chagall at the Jewish Museum. Homeschool paperwork. Lots of trips to the library. Commuting to Mikro's Comparative Religions class. (He has now read more of the Bible and the Koran than I have!) As always, trips down to our beloved river. Walks around NYC looking at architecture. Watching the construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge. Tons of mythology, history, science and math. Map making (imaginary worlds that feature in the stories he's writing and telling.) Sillyness. Singing together. And trying to stay warm in one of the coldest winters I can remember!

bwyplayhouse dadnboy lunchdate

mikrochagall0 mikrochagall chelechagall

mikromerkaba mikronchelemerkaba qtrly

frozensnowcoveredhudson hudsonriverice mistyriver

yappworkcranes tapp obwliskandspire

obwliskandspirecloseup reflected reflected2

reflected3 silly2 silly1

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