Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mikro on Education and Politics

I have raised a free thinking libertarian. I can die happy...

But seriously, Mikro came up with this project all on his own. All I helped with was typing it up, and blocking and copying the latin terms he generated with Google Translate. Here, then, is Mikro's world view, diagramed:

First, Mikro applies his penchant for cladistics and latinate names to politics....

A: education system bureaucrat (homo bureaucratus)
B: student (homo discipulus)
C: worker (homo laboris nervis mobile lignum)
D: manager / sheep herder (homo pastorus)
E: sheeple (homo ovis dormiens)
F: fat cat corporate type (homo plutocratus)
G: the poor teacher who isn’t allowed to teach what they want to teach (homo magister tristis)

(Those squiggly things are chains, which also serve as puppet strings...)

Next, we have Mikro on educational choice:

A: Unschooler: homo discipulus liberum arbitrium (student free will): The unschooler has a varied diet, by his own choice, of many types of knowledge. Looks amorphous because it can't really be defined and has few restrictions. Kind of like a gas.

B: Homeschooler: homo discipulus semper discentes, et ubique (student always learning, everywhere): The homeschooler feeds mainly on knowledge from books, field trips, homeschool group classes and nature walks. They have a lot of choice over their meal, but their moms make them eat their educational vegetables. You can often find them in libraries, museums, and parks. The flaw among homeschoolers is a lot of us think we are know it alls. I didn't just say that, did I?

C: Homo discipulus discipulus: The typical school kid. Their diet consists of books, worksheets, bubblegum and test prep, and cafeteria lunch. They don't get to pick what they learn. They learn what they are taught.

And then there is Mikro on different types of school kids:

Mikro's classified schoolkids diagram:

A: homo sterotypicus discipulus The typical student. Its diet consists of bubblegum.
B: homo bullyensus discipulus The bully. Feeds on others' fear, esp. that of homo technophilius.
C: homo technophilius discipulus The geek. Feeds on electrical current and information.
D: homo rebellious discipulus The rebel. Feeds on knowledge and freedom.

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