Saturday, March 8, 2014

Our Winter in Photos, Part 1

This has been probably the coldest and snowiest winter of my life.  I can remember a few isolated storms that may have topped what we got this year, but never such a sustained barrage of frigid, windy, snowy days.

This first batch of photos is from our yard.  We kept our feeders well stocked, when we could get to them, but when we couldn't we tossed seed around the snowbanks, to make sure our feathered friends were taken care of.  Yesterday is the first time since the middle of January that we had enough melt off to actually see some grass under the white stuff!

mikroshoveler  mrsc  nuthatch

snow1  snow2  snow3

snow4  snow5  waitingforfeeder

snow7  snow8

Going down to the river whenever the roads were clear helped with the cabin fever immensely.  We live in an incredibly beautiful place, and the snow just brings out the good bone structure of our Hudson Valley landscape...

cpp1 cpp35  cppgazeboinsnow 

cpp2  cpp3  cpp4

cpp5  cpp6  cpp7

cpp8  cpp9  cpp10

cpp11  cpp12  cpp13

cpp14  cpp15  cpp16

cpp17  cpp18  cpp19

cpp20  cpp30  cpp31

cpp32  cpp33  cpp34

cpp36  cpp37  cpp38

cpp39  cpp40  cpp41

cpp42  cpp43  cpp44

cpp45  cpp46  cpp47

cpp48  cpp49  cpp50

cpp51  cpp52  yip02032014

yip02202014  yip02222014

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