Friday, September 19, 2014

Poison Ivy Is The Devil

Mikro's amazing luck held. While his dad and I both got nasty cases of poison ivy in the late summer/early fall, he somehow managed not to. (Which says something about who does yard work here, probably...) Kev was the first victim, and got it in his eyes. One eye swelled completely shut. He looked like he had gone a few rounds in the boxing ring. I ended up with it on my face, neck, chest, hands and arms. I would rather be in significant pain than be itchy, so it was pretty horrible, as far as I am concerned. I went through an entire bottle of calamine lotion. And most of a tube of Ivarest. I managed not to scratch the bits on my face, but I have scars on my hands and arm from picking at it... It took almost a month to go away on me. Kev's lasted less than 2 weeks. He mostly didn't scratch...

poisonivy1 poisonivy3 poisonivy4

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