Monday, November 24, 2014

Canstruction at the World Financial Center

Canstruction is sort of a food drive/art exhibit where architecture and design firms compete in designing sculptures made of canned food. This year we got to see it with good friends, and Kev was able to join us after work.

ameriCaneeagle1 ameriCaneeagle2 ameriCaneeagle3

canyouspottheissue canyouspottheissue2

cityharveststation giveahootabouthunger houndinghunge2

houndinghunger1 houndinghunger3 houndinghunger4

hungrytothecore1 hungrytothecore2 ifwallecanweallcan

puthungerbehindus1 puthungerbehindus2 puthungerbehindus3

puthungerbehinduspoem smitehunger smitehungerexhortation

statunaliberty1 statunaliberty2 statunaliberty3

statunaliberty4 theastronaut thegoodthebadandthehungry

thethinker1 turnitaround vangoghawayhunger

vikingsandthorshammer wintergardenroupin2g balancedmealpoem wintergardenrouping

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