Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rambling On

I'm thoroughly enjoying homeschooling Mikro. He's a joy (99 percent of the time. We won't talk about the surly alien bodysnatcher who inhabits his body the other 1 percent of the time...) He's still very butterfly and insect obsessed. But now he's also into dinosaurs in a big way. We're reading a lot of little kid science, and some older kid stuff too. Mostly nature and animal related, some seasonal stuff, and some just plain fun books too (Skippyjon Jones is a current favorite.)

We've done far more running around than I ever thought my gimpy carcass could handle. Two trips to the Bronx Zoo in less than a month (once for their Holiday Lights show, once because someone begged us to go ride the Bug Carousel), the NY Botanic Gardens for the Holiday Train Show, AMNH yet again for dinosaurs and the origami tree and dinotopiaries, several plays at the Paramount Center for the Arts, and visits to the relatives for the holidays. All by public transportation. Which translates to pretty horrid pain, but I'm glad we did it, because my little boy was glowing with excitement. He had a great time.

Homeschool Nature Class started up again today. The kids learned about bones, and got to identify the parts of a deer skeleton. Mikro knew the skull, ribs, antlers, vertebrae, and a few more.

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