Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Homeschool Group Field Trip to Museum of the City of New York

We went with one of our semi-local (NYC based) homeschool groups to the Museum of the City of New York for a class about childhood (and toys!) in old New York. Mikro was really good about riding the subway. He made fast friends with several of the kids, and I liked the moms. A good group of people, and we'll definitely do more events with them. The cutest thing was, Mikro attached himself to a little girl and squired her about the museum. He had his arm around her, and they held hands and walked together. So sweet! (Unfortunately, flash photos were prohibited, so I only got a blurry shot of this, but you get the idea...)

The kids got to play with some reproductions of tin toys, and they made "murals" of their favorite things about being a kid in NYC. Mikro doesn't really draw, so I asked him to tell me his favorites, and did a kiddie style drawing of his list of things... (but the bird/pigeon at the top center he drew himself!)

His favorites: dinosaurs at the American Museum of Natural History, the NY Aquarium, the Zoos, Coney Island, watching airplanes flying into LaGuardia and JFK, visiting his cousins, riding the subway, tourist buses (an obsession), Central Park, the Bug Carousel at the Bronx Zoo, pigeons, and ladybugs.

After the museum, we took the subway to Brooklyn and met Kevin at his office. He went out to lunch with us at Junior's, a restaurant famous for its cheesecake (which I did not have because the huge lunch portions were way too big for me to even contemplate dessert...)

And then we went to the Cabinet of Curiosities (aka Kevin's office).

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