Saturday, January 26, 2008

Field Trip: Henry & Mudge at the Tarrytown Music Hall

We've walked past Tarrytown Music Hall, but today's performance marks the first time we've ever been inside the impressive old theater. There's a silhouette theme going on along the side aisles and in the balcony, and a beautiful river landscape is painted over the stage. The performance was wonderful. Mikro was moving in his seat to the music, and watched with rapt attention (until the last 10 minutes, when his capacity for sitting still was exceeded, and I had to have him on my lap to keep him quiet...) Predictable result-- he wants a doggie best friend now. I hope we can get our cluttered house into order by April so he can have a puppy for his birthday. But it's not looking good... Well, in the meantime, we will read about Henry and Mudge and their adventures.

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