Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Adventures with Leela: Katonah Museum of Art and Muscoot Farm

We ventured out with my friend Leela to the Katonah Art Museum, where they were having a show on single object still lifes. Mikro enjoyed his first exposure to an art museum, especially running around in the sculpture garden...

Then we were off to Muscoot Farm, where spring and baby animals go together. We saw lambs and pregnant goats, and even got to watch one goat go into labor. (Unfortunately, the kid was a breech and she was having a hard time of it. As we left for the day, they were talking with the veterinarian about a possible Caesarian. I still wonder how it all turned out.) The magnolias were just beautiful, and Mikro made fast friends with some kids and played tag, and they improvised a slide from the cellar door of the farmhouse..)

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