Friday, April 18, 2008

Mikro is FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't seem to get my head around the fact that this wonderful little person has been here for five whole years already. Time sure flies.

We spent most of the day at our local park, playing on the playground and walking on the beach.

Then we went home and opened presents. He got some speed racer stuff, some dinosaur stuff, a dinosaur board game that he LOVES, an easel, and a really cool microscope thingee called Eyeclops that projects onto the TV.

Afterwards, we had cake. We found those tricolored chocolate covered cookies in a gluten free (actually, Kosher for Passover-- it is a great thing his birthday falls when it does, because Passover food tends to be gluten, and often also dairy, free and thus Mikro-safe) version, and stuck a candle in them. He wasn't completely in love with the taste, so he also had a dinosaur shaped piece of gluten free brownie with a candle in it.

He had fun, and it seems like his birthday has morphed into birthday week, because we have more fun stuff planned for the weekend.

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