Friday, April 10, 2009

Belvedere Castle Views, Central Park NYC

I have an insanely long post to put up, full of photos from round two of the Urban Park Rangers Out on a Limb program, so I'm going to make a separate post of some of the photos I took at Belvedere Castle, and in the nearby Ramble. I was born and raised in NYC, and spent a fair amount of time in Central Park, but oddly enough, until this program, I had never been to Belvedere Castle or the Ramble. I'm sure we'll be going back! One thing to note is that you can borrow a discovery pack (gah, can't remember if that's the term they use, but basically a kit with binoculars, bird guides, etc.) at the Castle. For free. I think you have to leave an ID as security for returning the kit.

Anyway, without further rambling (pun intended), here's some eye candy:

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