Monday, April 27, 2009

A is for April... and Art

I can't believe April is nearly over already. We spent a lot of time outdoors, playing in the yard, homeschooling on the porch swing, and watching the birds. For me, there was pottery (and I still have a couple of weeks left), and playing with leftover easter egg dye. I used the white crayon from the egg dye kit to draw pictures on white paper; then Mikro and I colored them in by dabbing egg dye on them with paper towel wads. Fun! I also dipped an old T shirt in the dye, and need to research how to set it... We both played with kiddie watercolors. Mikro tried oil pastels for the first time, and seemed to like them better than crayons. We did some crafts, read lots of books, and were so busy with field trips and classes with our homeschool groups that I'm thinking we need to start calling it Never-at-home-schooling. Well, except for the days when my arthritic gimpy body just refused to let me abuse it any further, and those days the porch swing was a great place to work on reading and science...

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