Friday, June 19, 2009

Early May

I've been a bad blogger. I'm way behind, so in an effort to catch up, I'll be doing a bunch of posts. This one is the early part of May.
Let's See...

Pottery got destroyed when the Middle School's kiln massively overfired. Everything *melted*. But the obnoxious art room owner is trying to say one of our pieces *blew up* and damaged her kiln. Um, no, when things *blow up* they do not *liquefy*, sorry. So a bunch of my sculptures bit the dust. Sigh. And we may or may not have pottery next semester, depending on the budget for kiln repair, and whether the smear campaign against our program is successful.

Mikro and I saw a wonderful play at Peekskill's Paramount Center for the Arts. Butterfly: The Story of a LifeCycle was a musical puppet show. We also walked around downtown, window shopping, enjoying the artsy Peekskill Coffee House, and hitting both used bookstores, where Mikro totally scored. Then we spent the afternoon at the playground and playing with friends on our block. (A large portion of May was spent in this way.)

We planted a bunch of annuals and some herbs in the front garden, and veggies in our sideline plot. We ordered caterpillars and ladybug larvae for our spring nature study projects. And we watched our nest boxes, and were thrilled when a house wren couple moved into one (and built a dummy nest in the other). (i'll do a separate Nest Watch post, with photos...)

We did the rounds of the Grandparents, since both Kev's mom and mine have May birthdays, in addition to Mothers Day, to celebrate.

My Mothers Day was lovely. We spent the day at South Beach at our local park, beachcombing and exploring and watching the waves. Found some nice sea glass. The oogey part was picking no less than 7 ticks out of my hair afterwards. Cringe. Yuck.

A very belated
to all my mama friends!

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