Friday, June 19, 2009

Mid May Update

Mid May was spent largely out of doors (when it wasn't raining!) We reorganized our storage shed, planted lots of fruits and veggies in the garden, had a blast homeschooling, raised ladybugs and painted lady butterflies, watched birds nesting, and took more field trips than a sane person would contemplate. Our homeschool nature class wound down for the summer, but book group is still going strong, and we have plenty of things on the schedule for the summer, including swim lessons virtually every day during July. Whew.

We've been to the zoos, and to zoo school.

We've done a series of eco art classes at Beczak Environmental Education Center:

Saw an art show about birds and bugs and flowers at the Central Park Arsenal Gallery.

Went to our local Shad Fest. Played at the park, and with friends in the neighborhood.

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