Friday, June 19, 2009

Spring Homeschooling

This has been a really productive time in our homeschooling journey. We spent most days doing our learning outdoors. We've been doing a lot on plants for science. Dissected a flower and an apple, drew life cycle diagrams, read a bunch of books (some I read, some Mikro read, and some we alternated pages. He's doing so well with his reading. I'm ecstatic.) We've been drawing fruits and flowers, and learning to write related words. (He has fine motor issues, and is a lefty, so handwriting is a bit of a struggle... but we are making progress!)

Some of our books:

Betsy Maestro: How Do Apples Grow?
Kids Discover Magazine: Plants
Kids Discover Magazine: Flowers
Mary Batten: Hungry Plants
Bonnie Worth: I Can Name 50 Trees Today
C.J. Polin: The Story of Chocolate
Barbara Brenner (editor): The Earth is Painted Green

We've planted raspberries and strawberries, and some ground cover, some rose bushes and other plants to cover the neighbor's ugly spite fence. Mikro has helped with planting, watering and weeding. We also started a bunch of seeds in jiffy peat pots, and are looking forward to seeing what develops!

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