Monday, July 20, 2009

From Bud to Bloom at Beczak Environmental Education Center and the Science Barge

Another plant class for Mikro! This time at one of our favorite places, Beczak Environmental Education Center, in Yonkers NY.

After learning about the life cycle of plants, the kids did some coloring and a worksheet. Then they got to make origami flowers (which were on the tricky side, but really beautiful when done.) Mikro had lots of help from me, and I had lots of help from Beczak Educator Dorene Sukup. Finally, we finished our flower. They also made tissue paper flowers, and learned about composting.

Afterwards, we hung out with friends, then wandered over to the Science Barge, which is berthed about a block and a half away, opposite the Yonkers train station. It's a model sustainable urban farm, which generates its own power and uses purified river water. Its greenhouses use aquaponic and hydroponic growing methods.

Hydroponic system:

Aquaponic system:

Pretty flower, isn't this? Would you believe it is from a venus flytrap?

The science barge generates its own power using both wind turbines and solar panels.

Hudson River water is purified into drinkable water by this system:

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