Sunday, July 19, 2009

Homeschool Progress Report

We are continuing our plant, bird, dinosaur and Hudson River studies. We make little booklets out of construction paper, in which Mikro practices drawing pictures and writing words that relate to our readings. I write notes about what we've read, summarizing some of the main points, so we can look back later and remember. I also include poems we are collaborating on. I ask Mikro for words describing the topic of the poem, then ask him for rhymes for those words. Then I make up a poem, using his words, and asking him to help me finish lines by supplying a rhyme.

Some pages from our Dinosaur book:

Here are some rhyming words he came up with about dinosaurs, and the poem that grew out of them...

Some other work:

Some of Our Latest Books:

The Story of Chocolate
The Vegetables We Eat
Look Once, Look Again: Fruits and Flowers
The Earth is Painted Green
Oh, Say Can You Seed
The Pea Blossom
A Leaf Through Time
Life Cycle of a Bird
My Mighty Hudson
Geography A to Z
Fruit is a Suitcase for Seeds
From Seed to Plant
Plant Experiments
A Look Inside Plants
The Tiny Seed (Eric Carle)


Pete Seeger- My Dirty Stream
Lisa Atkinson- Hudson River Stew
Rich Flanders- Tribute to the Hudson River
Chris Rawlings- Henry Hudson
The Beatles: Yellow Submarine album (Just for fun!)
Science Songs
Walking Jim Stoltz: A Kid for the Wild; Web of Life

Field Trips:

Life Cycle of a Plant class at New York Botanic Gardens with HSNY
(I'll do a separate entry soon...)

Releasing Ladybugs at the Community Garden Plot with HSNY:

We are also participating (more sporadically than I had hoped) in A Book, A Craft and A Plate With Kate, a summer reading project hosted by Kate at Homeschooling in the Garden State For the first week, we read "Summertime", made juice popsicles, and put together a journal for this project. Mikro made a cover. I drew up the popsicles. Then I asked Mikro for words about summer, and then for rhymes for those words. Then I wrote us a little summer poem.

And we signed up for our library's Summer Reading Program. There are no swim lessons on Fridays, so that is Library Day. Mikro has read several of Suzanne Tate's Nature Series books, which he really enjoys: Johnny Longlegs (blue herons); Tammy Turtle (sea turtle); Old Reddy Drum (redfish). And I think there may be others I've missed. He's very proud to read a story to mom or dad.

As usuual, I'm behind in my blogging, so stay tuned for a bunch of catch-up posts...

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