Sunday, July 19, 2009

Swim Lessons at Silver Lake: Level One

Mikro has had swimming lessons at Silver Lake, our local watering hole on the Croton River, nearly every day. He started out in Level One, learning to get his face wet without screaming or throwing a hissy fit, and to use a kickboard. Kickboarding was a refresher course, but the face wetting is something sensory boy has never been willing to deal with before. I could tell horror stories about trying to wash his hair and fearing someone would call the authorities due to the hysterical shreiking... Well, I am pleased to report that he is able to stick his face in the water without any fuss (so long as he remembers not to inhale...) And bath time has become a much less stressful event around here. He even takes showers sometimes!

It took him a couple of days to warm up to the new skills, and at first he looked fairly terrified...

Then the boy who has never been to school somehow figured out what a class clown is, and volunteered for the role.

He got bolder about the swimming, too.

At the end of Level One, he was confidently kickboarding and looking forward to Level Two lessons.

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