Thursday, August 6, 2009

Homeschoolers Seining at Beczak

Our homeschool group had a blast seining at Beczak! The kids had fun, and so did the parents, many of whom donned hip waders and tried their hand with the net. (And yes, that's me in the second photo-- the big goofy one in the black "Lead me not into temptation... especially bookstores!" T-shirt.) This is the first time I tried it, and it was an ideal day-- it was great to cool off in the river after baking in the summer sun. Walking in waders feels like what I imagine moonwalking does. Well, that, or having had a few drinks! It's a very odd feeling. But fun!

Checking out what's in the net:

Our catch gets transferred into bubbler buckets, and the kids get to wet their hands and touch the critters.


Here's what we caught:
10 Atlantic Silversides
2 Striped Bass
1 Anchovy
1 Bluefish
1 Blue Crab
1 Pipefish.


Ruralmama said...

Thanks for following my site! Seining looks like a lot of fun, I wonder if we can do that here in MN or if we are bound up in DNR rules. :-) Did you have to get a permit to do it?

Chele said...

Around here, a lot of parks and nature centers offer seining programs (and I have just assumed they had whatever permits might be required.) I honestly don't know what the rules are (or even if they are different for catch and release or using a net).