Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wild World Awake at Night and Exploring at AMNH

We went to a terrific program at AMNH on nocturnal animals. Mikro learned about flying squirrels, owls, bats, and sloths and got to see them up close.

This is a Southern Flying Squirrel.

A Barred Owl:

Malaysian Flying Fox (bat):

Giant Sloth:

After the program, we explored the AMNH, which is one of Mikro's very favorite places. We took in the Hall of NY Environment, the Rose Center (formerly Hayden Planetarium), the Climate Change exhibition, and Extreme Mammals (which we had visited before with our homeschool group. I was amazed at how much Mikro remembered and was able to tell his dad about. I didn't think he was paying attention at all on our prior visit, when he was goofing around to an annoying degree, but it seems like there was a lot more going on in his head than his behavior might have indicated!) And, of course, no visit can conclude without the obligatory sojourn amongst the dinosaurs. We watched the cladistics film again, and I sat in the darkened theater sipping iced tea while Mikro and daddy visited the big bones.

Then we ate ouside on the steps, watched Mikro feed pigeons, and got a little silly with the camera...

Next, we hopped on a train and raced to Yonkers, for Beczak's Family Campfire and Kayaking event, but unfortunately, we got there too late for the kayaking. Mikro enjoyed the bonfire, but I was kicking myself big time because we didn't stop to pick up allergy safe marshmallows, and he was left out of the fun on that...

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